There was once someone named Von Clarro Schmedt.
He was tall, and well-dressed in a tie and a vest.
He walked with a cane, and a bit of a limp.
When he spoke, it was like silver leaving his lips.

Once dreary day, he walked up to a girl sitting there.
Who looked down, and forgotten and lost in despair.
“Hello there, madam. “ Said that sly ol’ Von Clarro.
“I’ve got just the thing, to ease all your sorrow.
It’ll feel so good and make everything right
It’s the best in the town, and it just might…
Fulfill all your dreams and all your desires.
You’ll be satisfied forever.
Hey! I ain’t no liar.”
Said Von Clarro Schmedt
But he never did mention the price of it.

“Sure!” said the girl. “I’ll give it a try.
I really am needing to be satisfied.”
So she took what Von Clarro had
And with the highest of hopes,
She was no longer sad.

She felt good and fulfilled, but just for a bit.
Then she felt empty and saddened within.
So she called upon Von and just like a flash,
Von was by her side with more from his stash.

“Hey, it’s okay madam. I’ve got more you can try.
It’ll feel so good, and make everything right.
It’s the best in the town, and it just might…
Fulfill all your dreams and all your desires.
You’ll be satisfied forever
Hey! I ain’t no liar!”
Said Von Clarro Schmedt
But he never did mention the price of it.

So the young girl once again, trusted ol’ Von.
She never had a thought that it could be wrong.
Since how could something wrong, feel so great?

She felt for a while, everything was ok!
But then, out of nowhere, the good feeling left.
It had been so long, she started to forget.
What it felt like to feel empty, sad and alone.
So she called upon Von who rushed to her home.

“I’ll need more! So much more! It’s just not enough!
What else have you got, that will fill this hole up?”

“Don’t worry, young lady, I’ve got just the thing.
Here is something special, I’ve been saving.
It’s the best and you’ll see, I promise it will be
ALL that you will ever need!”
“I’ll take that! Yes! Every last bit!”
But Von never did mention the price of it.
Much time passed, and the girl was worse for sure.
Then when sneaky Von Clarro first had met her.
“Good evening madam, remember me? Have a look!
It’s time to pay up, for all that you took.”

He held out the bill, to the young girl’s surprise.
Her heart sank at the cost, she couldn’t believe her eyes!
“I don’t have anything to pay” she began to fret
As she showed Von her empty pockets.
“I didn’t realize what you gave had a high price, Von Clarrow”

And she hung her head with the deepest of sorrows.
“Oh come now madam, you know nothin’ is free.
Now didn’t you enjoy what you had from me?
Now pay with your blood, you’ve met your end.
Don’t you know, I don’t make a very good friend.”

As Von got ready to collect his due,
A hand stopped the sword from piercing through.
“I’ll pay it in full”
And to this young girl’s surprise
She was able to live and owed this man her life.

As the man who saved her turned to walk away
She cried out, “wait! How can I repay?”
“No one has ever gave his life for mine.
How can this be? I owe you my life!”
So the man, wrapped in linen,
said with something so true
“Follow me. I have much to show you.”

Von Clarro clenched his fist, and cried out “NO!”
“She was right where I wanted her, this cannot be so!”

But the young girl joyfully jumped up with no shame!
She was given a NEW LIFE
Now nothing would ever be the same!
49758 jesus crucifixion 1200x627
We were created to chase after God, our creator. But we have an enemy who loves to distract us with everything that brings us temporary happiness or pleasure, and when we chase after that, we are left feeling empty inside.  We are always wanting more and more to be satisfied, but whatever it is, it will never be enough.

But God wants us to be satisfied with Him.
There is a chasm, however, between us and our creator.

The chasm is sin: a seemingly harmless lie, that time we stole something, that time we hurt someone, or even chasing after the things of this world that bring temporary satisfaction-God considers idolatry. It’s all sin. And it separates us from Him.

God loves us, and He knows that there will never be enough money, alcohol, drugs, or any other physical pleasure to satisfy the hole in our souls.

Because that hole was made for Him and only Him.

2000 years ago, He bridged that chasm by leaving heaven and coming to earth as a man, living a sinless life and then paying for all of our sins.

You see, there must be payment for our sins. God says that payment is the death penalty. That’s how serious sin is, and how devastating it is. It is deadly! If you look at the evil in the world, it’s not hard to see why God hates sin so much. And the reason every person eventually dies is because ALL of us have sinned against a holy and righteous God. Any time we are selfish, we sin against Him, and are worthy of the death penalty.

 Do you want to live forever? Everybody does. That is because that is what we were made for! We all hate death, that’s because it was never suppose to be this way.

When God came down and paid for our sins on the cross, He made the way for us to be reconciled to Him, so that we can begin a relationship with Him, and best of all, live forever with Him! Do you believe He did this for you? If you truly believe that He made a way for us, then turn from your sins -REPENT- and run into His arms-He’s waiting for you!

If you are ready to believe in His payment for your sins, and have Him be your Lord and Savior, then simply say this prayer with faith to Him now. Don’t wait, because tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone.
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God, I realize now that I am a sinner before you, because you are holy and righteous.

I believe that you paid the price for my sin that I was suppose to pay. I believe that you paid the price for every time I have broken your laws and acted selfishly for the past, present and future.

Jesus I thank you for the  beautiful sacrifice that you made for me when you came down and died for me. I now choose to follow you with all of my heart for the rest of my days! I surrender my life to you God and I receive your Holy Spirit! Thank you for coming into my life to help me, teach me and guide me from this point on!

Thank you for washing me clean of all of my sins! Thank you for your gift of eternal life!

Teach me how to walk in your ways! I now say that you are my Lord and Savior!
Now, chase after God with all of you heart! You have just been given a 2nd chance and a brand new heart and a brand new life!! Rejoice in this!! Receive everything that God has for you!

Read you bible a little bit every day to learn more about this awesome God that has just saved you from death!!

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