I quit my job for God!

I quit my job at True Food Kitchen to be work for God full time! Come and follow on our journey with us!
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This is our journey across the country

The Grand Canyon

This was our quick day trip to the grand canyon during our stay in Bullhead with my mother-in-law (Greg's mom).

It was really great!

And we're off!

Wilcox, AZ

This RV park we stayed was actually quiet and nice, with lovely views, and slightly cooler temperatures. We enjoyed it.

Van Horn, TX

This RV park had a lot of character, even though it was quite run down (and a bit trashy)
Still though, it had Jesus painted on the wall, and they typically hold a type of church service saturday nights. The mexican Restaurant across the street also had a painting of Jesus on the wall.
Welcome to the bible belt!

Possum Kingdom State Park, TX

The park we stayed at before this one was at oil field country and it was just a lot, no trees, nothing there. And it was so hot, we literally stayed in our trailer with the a/c on the whole day just trying to stay cool. So Greg decided we needed to stay at a place a little nicer the next time for the sake of the girls. So we found this place that was on a lake that we went swimming in. We also caught a glimpse of some of the wildlife.
It was still so hot though.