Crisis Response International

This fall we will be receiving training as a family to respond to various crisis around the world. After training we are on call to go on deployments.

Here is what we'll be learning at the ARC school:

The ARC School is an 11-week Crisis Response Missionary Training School that will radically change your life! You will gain skills to respond to the unique challenges of national and global crisis situations in the power of the Holy Spirit. You will learn how to establish God’s Kingdom in crisis and become a full-time, hope-filled Mercy Missionary.

Come enjoy spending time in a culture of prayer, worship, and missions. Study The Word and encounter God all while learning from amazing speakers at the CRI Mission Base in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Students will have the opportunity right after the school to go on long or short-term deployment or join CRI Staff. During the ARC you will receive training and guidance to fundraise for this trip or to join the staff at the base.

Here are the topics we'll be learning over 11 weeks

  • Gain & Release Freedom in Christ
  • Understand Your Identity 
  • Become a Fully Funded Missionary
  • Develop an Apostolic Response to Crisis
  • Understand & Bring the Kingdom in Crisis
  • Crisis Intercession
  • The Heart of Worship During Times of Trial
  • Become a Mercy Missionary & Hope Bringer
  • Deployment Leadership Training
  • Understand the Signs of The Times
  • Move in Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Basic & Advanced Chaplaincy Training & Certification
  • Become a Messenger
  • Outdoor Challenges
  • PTSD Healing and Ministry Model 
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Preparing Places of Refuge Pre-Disaster
  • Clean Water, Sanitation & Appropriate Technologies Post-Disaster
  • Farming, Animal Husbandry & Sustainability 
  • Mobile HOPE & Intercessory Strike Teams
  • Mobile Kitchen Operations
  • Rebuild Cities on the Kingdom of God
  • Alternative Medicine & Wilderness Medical Training
  • Understand Missions & the Great Harvest
  • Communicate the Gospel
  • Power Evangelism 
  • Disciple Making Movements
  • Leadership & Staff Training
We feel that learning all of this as a family is something that will be incredibly valuable for all of us no matter where God may send us and no matter what we will be doing.

We also see this school as a great launch pad into full time ministry. And there are many options available to us after the training. However we are confident that God will lead us every step. Even though we may not see what will happen after the 11 weeks, God does!
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