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Hi!  We are the Burt Family

Ever since 2010, my (Anna's) heart's desire has been to serve with the Crisis Response International team and to pour out the love and power of Jesus onto people everywhere.  All of this...set against the backdrop of crisis and disaster.

We can't help ourselves...reaching out to share the gospel and love on people is WHO WE ARE.  If we go a day without sharing Him with someone, we feel that the day is lacking, unless, of course, it was a day set aside to abide with Jesus.  And abiding is what we live to do every moment of every day.

I (Anna) wake up every day thinking about the salvation of peoples' souls. Along with evangelism, deliverance from lies, strongholds and demonic oppression is a very important personal focus.  I (Dan) have a hunger to minister to the broken places in the heart of those around me, and to pour into their lives.  Together with our two girls, we make a great team.  The total sum of our lives should be to spend time with our Bridegroom, Jesus, fellowship with the Father through Holy Spirit, and to advance His Kingdom.

Everything else is not really attractive to us.  We want to pursue HIM and bring Him glory in the earth!

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We pray and minister to people.  We also like to help individuals and families overcome health issues by modeling what it could look like and providing certified health coaching.  We've helped over 100 individuals and families so far, praise Jesus.

He's the Healer!

Our two girls are voracious learners and we enjoy schooling them.  They also accompany us in ministry, as appropriate, and have prayed and talked with people and neighbors about the Lord.  They have experienced healing and been a part of praying for it to manifest in others.  This brings such joy to our hearts!

All in all, we want to tell you how GRATEFUL we are to have you walk this journey with us.

​​​​​​​Please PRAY for us - the battle is real, and we have and will overcome!  And a special thanks for putting your treasure where your heart is - in His Kingdom work.  We can't tell you how it touches the core of our beings when you give so that we can freely serve Jesus on the streets-- in the rubble, in the dirt and mud, in the wreckage of chaos.  
Here are a few pictures of what it looks like in our daily ministry:
Baptizing a new believer in a local park
She got delivered of some demons, pain that had plagued her for years in her back and her neck, and she received the Holy Spirit.
We then kept in touch to help her get stabilized, get the Word of God, and start being discipled.

We are part of continual prayer time and fellowship with our local Body of believers!  Prayer is essential to all we do and are!  It's like water...and air.  We cannot live without it.

Currently we have not been able to deploy with CRI in an official capacity, but we believe we will begin in the near future, as we are headed in that direction.  Again, you are helping to make this dream and step of obedience a reality!

Anna Burt, CHHC
Revive Health Institute
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Partner with us!

We are currently raising funds for our family to attend Crisis Response International's ARC school fall 2021
If you would like to partner with the Lord and us as we step out in faith to serve Him full-time, please donate below!

May God bless you!

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